Raid Night : The Button

After a near month-long break from progression, my raid group has resumed its push forward through heroic Dragon Soul.

There have been some changes though. Our pally tank has gone ret, the hunter turned into a bear, and a wild rogue appeared.

Oh, and I’m not leading the group anymore.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Everyone reaches a point where they eventually need a break. Call it burnout or whatever you like. For myself, I wasn’t tired of raiding. However, the logistics behind trying to keep a stable group together during this dreaded lull before Mists had gotten to me. Further, my dps just wasn’t cutting it on some fights, which I could easily attribute to my attention being diverted by watching everything and everyone in the raid rather than just focusing on my part.

Fortunately my guild leader Elm accepted the task of taking over the reins of the group, which I’m quite thankful for. Raiding the past few weeks has been enjoyable and a hell of a lot less stressful. If you’re a raid leader and you have solid people with you who can lead a raid then I strongly recommend letting them handle things when you start feeling like you’re ready to throw the towel in altogether.

As it is I think I might try my hand at leading again in MoP, but we’ll see. I’m really interested in moving on to a 25 man group to be honest. That is, if 25 man raids exist next expansion. I’m predicting here and now that we’ll be going to a 10/20 man system in MoP.

So yeah, The Button. Last night’s run was our first experience with Heroic Ultraxion. Now on 25-man with the aspect debuff, if you get that one or possibly two people who somehow miss pressing The Button in time, all is not lost.

On 10-man it’s practically Do or Wipe. At least it feels that way after our first batch of attempts on it. It’s surprising what a difference 2 seconds can make when it comes to reaction time on The Button. I would say almost every death we had been from someone getting a 2 second Fading Light.

The Button is your friend. The Button will save you. I know you want to wait to push The Button at the last second… but when you only have two seconds to really push The Button there’s no time to wait.

We wiped to The Button eight times before time demanded we move on. One other change to my raiding is that this group is down to one night a week due to some availability issues. I’m just glad to still be moving forward.


I’ll get you next time, Button. Next… time….

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