The Fel and Foolish Mists of Beta

WARNING: There may be ranting and QQing here. Read at your own risk!

The Mists of Pandaria Beta experience has been eventful for me, which is saying something considering I haven’t even downloaded the beta client yet.

Having a warlock for a main, you can imagine the sparkle of wonder and curiosity that shone in my eyes when I read of this “Glyph of Demon Hunting.” Warlock tanks? No joke? It suddenly made sense why warlocks had so many survivability cooldowns in their talents.

They were instruments. A stepping stone to a much larger plan! It has all led to this… and this time, Blizzard will not interfere!

…or so I thought.

So yeah, this single glyph and the dev team’s stated intent with it has caused more rage and frustration than anything I can remember in the warlock community for some time. I think the last time warlocks as a whole cried this much, they were told that green fire wasn’t technically possible to implement…

…oh wait, that just happened. Again.

Mind you, I’m not all bitter and upset about warlocks in MoP. The changes to Destruction are very intriguing. The talents are mostly fun, and a few of the early cosmetic glyphs  are enjoyable additions.

And hey, Demonology still looks great. The whole mechanic of Demonic Fury and the synergy with Metamorphosis has wonderful potential…

…what’s that? Metamorphosis only does a 10% damage buff now instead of doubling Demonic Fury?


Beta is beta. We’re a long, long way from seeing the final iteration of warlock specs and abilities as they will be at launch. Unfortunately, the immediate disappointments about warlocks seem to be casting a shadow far and wide over everything Blizzard has worked on to breathe new life into the class.

It’s concerning because I fear this bitter first impression will do nothing to bring more players into the warlock community, which is relatively small as it is.

On an aside here, please check out Cynwise’s blogs about the current state of warlocks at It’s a great read and provides a good deal of insight to why warlocks are harder to find these days.

My feelings on not being in the beta are mixed. On one hand, those who are in the beta right now only have access to a portion of everything planned for release. Personally I want to give the Pet Battle System as hard a test drive as possible. Funny considering I like raiding more than anything else in WoW right now.

On the other hand, I’m confused to how Annual Pass people are being brought in. I quote from the Beta FAQ:

“We’ll be inviting Annual Pass holders based on several factors, including how long your World of Warcraft account has been active and when you signed up for the Annual Pass.”

I signed up for the Annual Pass on the day it was announced at Blizzcon. I’ve had an active World of Warcraft account since Zul’Aman was released in Burning Crusade.

As of this posting, 300,000 invites have been sent to the over 1,000,000 people who signed up for the Annual Pass. Not a big deal though, right? Obviously these 300k people are people who also jumped on the Annual Pass the second it was announced and have been playing since Vanilla.

Nope. I know of a half-dozen guildies who are currently in Beta. Two of them signed up for the Annual Pass in February, and one of those two had only been playing since WotLK.

Well, the quote did say “several factors.” I just wish I knew what the other factors were.

Again, I know I’m not missing much. It’s funny really. This totally feels like I’m back in school waiting to be picked for a dodgeball game. It’s just one game. It means nothing in the grand scheme of life. But dangit, you don’t want to be “that guy.” The guy who’s picked last.

Until the time comes, I wish all of you currently in the beta happy gaming. I’ll see you when the mists have parted here.

Meanwhile, I’ll be hunting for some green flame coloring.

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