World Drop : Sweet & “Salty” Part 2 – One That Got Away 4,000 Times (& One That Didn’t)

In June of 2009 I decided to work toward completing the fishing achievement “Accomplished Angler.” Having won the Stranglethorn fishing contest (on dial-up no less) before Wrath of the Lich King launched, half the battle was practically over. In fact, when I made the push in June there were only two things left to do to claim the Salty title; fish up a Sea Turtle and fish up a rare fish which qualified for “One That Didn’t Get Away.”

I did some research at El’s Anglin’ and decided on a plan of attack. Howling Fjord fishing could provide both a Sea Turtle and a Dark Herring with enough patience. That would kill two birds with one stone. Or rather, kill two fish with one rod. Well, one fish and one turtle. Actually, you don’t kill the tur… I digress.

One hundred casts and change into fishing in the Fjord I’m pleasantly surprised by a quick achievement. The turtle was faster than reported! To this day I know of people who have clocked in several thousand fishing pool casts and not seen the Sea Turtle. What luck!

I had a good feeling about the title. The next six hours I was grinding for an achievement like I never had done before. There are times where I’m big on hunting achievements down, and times when I forget they’re in the game. This was the former taken to the extreme. Guildies could only shake their heads in disbelief as I wiped the drool from my mouth and clicked, clicked, clicked, clicked, clicked, clicked…

Fast forward to January 2011. Over those eighteen months I did several marathon stints of fishing for a Dark Herring. Time and time again it escaped my lure. I actually kept track of the casts each time and at 4,000 casts I was beginning to think I would never see it. In fact, when I hit 4,000 I decided it wasn’t worth wasting any more time on. If given the choice between fishing for a Dark Herring or hearing Sindragosa tell me about how my pathetic magic would betray me, I’d choose the latter because at least I wouldn’t be alone in my foolish misery.

On a whim I did the Stranglethorn contest on January 16, 2011 to see if I would catch any of the rare fish that you could turn in for miscellaneous fishing knickknacks. I don’t know what compelled me to do it, I think I was just bored.

Tastyfish, Tastyfish, Oily Blackmouth, Tastyfish…

Achievement Earned!

Wait, what? What just happened? I don’t even…

A wild Rockhide Strongfish appears! It is super effective! An achievement years in the making ends where it begins at the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. I think I blew up my guild chat with random key mashing, caps lock, and scattered OMGs.

I remember one guildie saying afterwards “oh that’s what happened. I thought you were practicing ret paladin facerolling :P”

To this day I still consider the Accomplished Angler one of my top 5 achievements earned in the game. You know an achievement is important to you when you can vividly remember the trials and tribulations that led to claiming it.

To be honest, I think that’s part of the philosophy behind the achievement system being in the game. It’s not all about points and bragging rights. Achievements are virtual trophies. They are reminders of the unique journey that each of us have taken through this game.

The stories that come with those most precious achievements are rewards that have more value than any drop you can get off a boss that would just eventually be rendered obsolete.

World Drop articles are stories about random WoW subjects. Lore, achievements, you name it. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this or future World Drop articles, feel free to email me at

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