In Other Worlds : Elder Kingdoms of Diablo III

While there are a number of raiding topics I could write about this week, I have to admit I’m just not “feeling it.”  Raiding is still ongoing, though of late it hasn’t been too interesting. I imagine I’ll write about this lack of interest in the near future.

Instead, I figured I would write about something that interests and excites me right now. Rather than level an alt, I find other games are drawing my attention even long after their release. Each game does it’s own share of things right and wrong. One of these games is still a month away from actual release if we’re to believe the official announcement.

In no particular order here’s what I’m also playing right now in the aftermath of Cataclysm.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Voted Game of the Year in 2011 and I couldn’t agree more. What I love the most about this game is that each player’s personal journey through Skyrim is unique. Most of us who have played have retrieved the Golden Claw, climbed the 7,000 Steps, and yelled at the screen as our companions don’t get the hint that we want them to move out of the way. However, it’s those random moments where you’re in the right place at the right time to witness or create something special that really makes the game.

This game made me feel nostalgic for Ultima VII (both parts). The environment, the ability to interact with the environment, and the sheer scale of the game won me over. Mind you, I hadn’t played an Elder Scrolls game until Skyrim.

I play Skyrim probably twice a week now. I’ve completed the main questline and right now I’m just enjoying exploring every square mile of the land. I’ve been surprised more times than I can count by what I would stumble upon by chance. I’ll save my favorite Skyrim adventure for another time.

Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning

A number of my friends often make comparisons to God of War and Fable when I bring up this game. I haven’t played any of the God of War series. I can sort of see some of the Fable parallels. Moreover, I look at this game as part Skyrim, part Diablo, part arcade scrolling fighting game, and 100% fun.

While there definitely are Skyrim-esque elements to the game throughout, I would have to say these two games are entirely different beasts. For me, comparing Skyrim to Reckoning is like comparing my favorite Chinese food dine-in restauraunt to my favorite fast food chain. Both places serve delicious food, but there’s a time and place for each.

What I like the most about Reckoning though to date is the DLC. Legend of Dead Kel gives more bang for your buck than most DLC out there for other games. The games next DLC, Teeth of Naros, aims to please in a similar way.

I just wish they’d raise the level cap.

Diablo 3 Beta

The past couple of days I finally got to taste test one of the most anticipated games of the year. I’ve been waiting a long, long time for this one. So far, I’m loving every bit of the opening experience. Graphics are crisp, gameplay is familiar and innovative at the same time, and the game excels at bringing the atmosphere of Sanctuary to life.

After playing Monk, Wizard, and Demon Hunter I find myself most fond of the latter. I find myself gravitating toward “darker” heroes and heroines of late when there’s a choice. I’m happy to see that you don’t need an expensive gaming rig to get decent frames per second out of the game too.

One more month, friends. One more month.

Later this week I’ll talk about three other games I’m dabbling in to pass the time away, including the Mists of Pandaria Beta.

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