Realm Maintenance : Lost in Sanctuary

So… Diablo 3 happened.

A couple of weeks ago I had mentioned a few new posts I was going to put up over the next several days. Then Diablo 3 released and captured me. It’s amazing how fast time can pass while in that game, and I haven’t had too many free hours to play to begin with.

Right now between D3 and work and all other things real life, I haven’t had much time to play WoW. Even my late night raiding group finally disbanded due to just a general lack of interest.

Are things all gloom and doom for my time in WoW? Not at all, but I can say without a doubt that we have reached “The Lull.”

It’s that time between the end of the current expansion and the beginning of the next one. Burnout is high, activity is low, and people in general are just doing other things right now.

One lesson I was given about writing blog posts is to never feel “forced” to write something. Doing articles on a weekly or daily basis is great and all, but if there’s no real inspiration driving you it’s going to show in the quality of your work.

That being said, I’m going to take a bit more time off from blogging. During the interim I may retool the design on this site and rethink how I want to handle it. I imagine you’ll see me back to blogging once 5.0 (the patch prior to the expansion) is live. I may surprise you folks with a random blog between now and then if something strikes me.

Consider these first twenty or so posts a beta test of sorts for what this blog will be about.

World of Rho will be back… when it’s ready. 😉

If you wish to chat or game with me in Diablo 3 you can add my battletag Rho#1846.

As always you can email me at

Thank you to those of you who have taken your time to see a bit of the world, Azerothian and otherwise, through my eyes and words.

See you Soon(tm)


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