Split Decision

As of this post, Rho of Lightbringer-US is no more. He was found in the Eye of Eternity, frozen and electrocuted at the hands of the heroic Hagara.

Rho is dead. Long live Rho… For the Horde!

I’ve taken Rho the warlock out of Lightbringer-US, and brought him over to the Earthen Ring-US realm. For the past two months I’ve been levelling a Tauren paladin named Orihn in the AIE salus guild. After several weeks of playing and interacting and taking time to see if AIE is right for me, I’ve decided it’s right for Orihn and right for Rho the warlock.

I’ll still have a presence on Lightbringer. In fact, it’s not a goodbye from the realm more so as it is a new chapter of sorts. I’m keeping characters there in the same guild. “Rho” will be brought back on that realm as a monk once MoP goes live.

There’s plenty of reasons as to why I’m making the change, but when it comes down to it there are two major points which allowed me to feel comfortable in making the change to begin with.

Account wide achievements, pets, and mounts are the number one reason. Once this is live in MoP, I could be playing a monk, shaman, my warlock, or whatever and they will all share most of the same perks I’ve accumulated over the several years I’ve played WoW. Rather than feeling “stuck” to a character because of the vanity and progression marks, I’ll be free to play what I want and have it all be there. Warlocks will be the new hotness in MoP next to Monks… but even if the reinvention of Warlocks is a failure it doesn’t mean everything I’ve earned on Rho the warlock will be put on a shelf and never to be seen again.

Secondly, the Battle.net balance I accumulated from selling virtual goods in Diablo 3 has entirely paid for this transfer. I would have never dreamed of spending $55 out of my wallet to make this happen. Whatever gripes I may have about Diablo 3’s story and Inferno mode aside… without Diablo 3 this wouldn’t have happened.

I want to thank The Golden Elm of Lightbringer-US for being such a great guild and community of players. This isn’t goodbye by a longshot. You helped me achieve legendary feats in the game and I’ve established several great friendships. You still have my shaman, and my rogue, and my axe… er… my monk!

I also want to thank Alea Iacta Est on Earthen Ring-US for opening its doors and welcoming me into another amazing community of people. The journey here has just begun.

To Be Continued….

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