Blue Snowball : Change in the World of Rho

We’re getting to the point where the release date for Mists of Pandaria is about to drop, and it definitely isn’t “too soon.”

Over the last couple of months I had my fun with Diablo 3, got my money’s worth and started complaining about the story. Meanwhile, I was collecting a nice chunk of balance by selling pixels for outrageous prices. Alright, not really outrageous when you compare what I made to what others did. Still, $100 of “Blizzard bucks” wasn’t bad. No real interest in changing it to actual cash via PayPal, especially since you can’t do that if your cell phone is prepaid rather than a contract phone.

So what do I decide to do with the money? Spend a heap of it and bring Rho from the Alliance on one realm and into the Horde on another. Now my warlock can take pride (or agony) in being the butt of blood elf jokes as he hunts for achievements amongst the members of Alea Iacta Est. I’ve also created and levelled a Tauren paladin up to level 80 and plan to hit 85 in time for MoP’s release.

Most of you know all of this already. The biggest change you might not know is… I’m buying a new microphone. A Blue Snowball to be exact.

That might not seem like a big deal, unless you knew I plan to use that microphone to help get into the WoW podcasting community. Well, just a tiny bit. I don’t have any big dreams or aspirations of doing my own weekly hour+ WoW podcast. Right now I feel that space is pretty saturated. Doing a segment though is another thing entirely.

I’m not doing it for fame, money, or even attention… okay -maybe- a little attention. Mostly though I’ve decided to do this because it’s an extension of my love and time I’ve given to this crazy game that has enthralled thousands and captured the wallets of millions.

I’ve spoken with a relatively new podcaster about developing a segment and things look promising. Check out Something Suggestive, a great casual WoW podcast by Jan, and keep your ears open in a few weeks for the start of something exciting.

There are a ton of podcasts out there that I would be remiss to not list, and thank, for what they’ve done for me. In addition to being entertaining and informative, these podcasts have helped inspire me to awkwardly step out into the WoW podcast landscape and say hello. In alphabetical order those would be:

  • All Things Azeroth
  • Bifactional
  • Blessing of Frost
  • Convert To Raid
  • Ctrl Alt WoW
  • Darkmoon Herald
  • Group Quest
  • The Instance
  • Legendary
  • The Mana Cooler
  • Rawrcast
  • Something Suggestive
  • Tauren Think Tank
  • Twizzcast
  • Warcraft Less Travelled
  • WoW Insider

To all those behind the production of these podcasts, thank you. Your passion for the World of Warcraft makes impressions on more people than you might realize, and I’m one of them. Perhaps someday down the road I’ll have the honor and privilege of lending my voice and thoughts to any of these casts.

Look up any of the above podcasts on iTunes if you haven’t given them a listen yet. They are all five-star productions in my book in their own ways.

I’m currently giving pet battles in MoP a lot of testing, even through all the bugs that come with it. So far I’m loving this addition to the game when it works right. You can expect me to chronicle my journey to be the best, like someone ever was, in future articles.

The lull between expansions is drawing to a close. The mists are parting, and my itch to create new content for myself and others is waiting to be scratched.

Don’t be surprised if this page looks different several times over the next couple of months as I’m finally taking a stab at giving the page some character and color.

If you have any questions, comments, or recipes for great chicken lo mein you can email them to

2 thoughts on “Blue Snowball : Change in the World of Rho

  1. Thank you so much for the little shout out, Rho. I’m really excited to have you as a part of our community, and part of my show! <3 I looooveeee youuuuu! ^_^

  2. Make sure to get a pop filter too to go with the Blue Snowball – it’s a must and I wouldn’t go without it for recording our podcasts & segments either.

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