A Twitter WoW-valanche : “What does Chris Metzen Play in WoW?”

This just happened. It all began with a tweet from @Josefbjork asking the Loremaster of World of Warcraft this:

@Josefbjork : @ChrisMetzen Do you play WoW yourself?

What follows is a chain reaction of WoW community responses that I had the pleasure of being a part of.

@ChrisMetzen : @Josefbjork@ChrisMetzen Do you play WoW yourself?” Less since Molten Front – but I’m psyched for Pandaria! More adventurer than ‘raider’.

@Shadesogrey : @ChrisMetzen Now I’m wondering what the heck class you play XD

@Medros : @Shadesogrey @chrismetzen I assume shaman…

At that point I throw my two cents in.

@RhoWoW : @Medros Perhaps even an Orc Shaman? Nah, I bet @ChrisMetzen is a closet Gnome Warrior.

Did I expect a response from Metzen? Nope. To be honest, I was on a long shot hoping for a response from Turpster from the Instance podcast. How about we go for a Daily Double?

@Medros : @RhoWoW @chrismetzen ohhhh you did not just go there! I mean we all know Samwise is the closet gnome… But Mr. Metzen?

@ChrisMetzen@RhoWoW@Medros Perhaps even an Orc Shaman? Nah, I bet@ChrisMetzen is a closet Gnome Warrior.” Mains are A pally and H Druid! 😛

@The_T : @ChrisMetzen @RhoWoW @Medros No shame in being a Gnome Warrior
@ScottJohnson @The_T @ChrisMetzen @RhoWoW @Medros if by no shame, you mean ALL the shame, then I agree. 🙂
Nice! Turpster, Medros, and Metzen answered?! Wait a minute… Scott Johnson too? What the heck kind of internet snowball did I help get rolling here?!
@JesseCox : @ChrisMetzen @RhoWoW @Medros A druid?! You’re killin’ me Metzen! #ShammyFoLife
… and Jesse Cox?!
More tweets from the feed:
@Moogyver : @ChrisMetzen @rhowow @medros Tauren, or Troll Druid mon?
@restokin : @ChrisMetzen @RhoWoW @Medros Go go druids!
@KevinOldScratch@restokin @ChrisMetzen @RhoWoW @Medros Love my Worgan and Tauren druids!!! Troll Shaman has been my main for many years though 🙂
@ChrisMetzen : Playing’s a very different gear than storytelling. When I play, I wanna get lost in the anonymity – the world-vibe. Orc shaman too close…
That was a fun thread. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many indirect Twitter mentions in a reply chain… ever. I can’t take full or even majority credit for it, of course. Metzen replied to a random question and when the small snowball rolled by my way I gave it a little push. Several helpers later, a Twitter WoWvalanche (yes this is a word now) ensues.
Geek starstruck feelings aside, it was nice to get a small peek into what he plays. Kind of funny that he plays an Alliance Paladin and Horde Druid while I have Horde Paladin and Alliance Druid alts I’m occasionally working on.
I wish I had ten minutes to ask him anything and everything about all things lore in regards to the Blizzard franchises. If you’ve read my Diablo story series (part 4 will be up Monday or Tuesday) then you know I’ve been very critical of the plot. At the same time, I love the lore of the Warcraft and Starcraft universes. If I didn’t care or have any emotional investment in it, I wouldn’t be writing or saying a word about it all.
Who knows… maybe someday down the road another snowball will roll down Mt. Twitter, and we’ll learn why Deckard Cain and Leah’s fates were woven as they were.

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