An Evening to Remember

When I joined Alea Iacta Est a few months ago on a tauren paladin, I joined because what little I heard told me it was the kind of guild… the kind of community… that I was looking for.

A few months later, words can’t describe enough how true this is, but I’ll try.

On August 2, the members of AIE gather to honor the memory of the players who are no longer among us. This doesn’t just occur in the World of Warcraft. From Rift, to The Old Republic, to Eve, and beyond this ceremony is held. It’s a tradition that I feel may be truly unique amongst player communities, in terms of scale if not in spirit.

On Vent those who gathered got to hear some words from the leaders and founders of the community. As someone who is relatively very new to the fold, their words touched me and spoke volumes.

I love the World of Warcraft, but through this event tonight my appreciation for it has grown tenfold, and not because of game mechanics, new flashy content, achievements, mounts, or anything like that.

I’m making connections, slowly but surely, with individuals and personalities that are so caring, thoughtful, and genuine.

I am one of thousands who are part of a legacy inspired by the vision of the founders of AIE, at least one of whom is no longer with us. I’m honored to be a part of that legacy. I hope I can do what I can to promote the vision of the community further.

1 thought on “An Evening to Remember

  1. Nice pics and great write-up Rho. /bows
    I’m enjoying your blog and I’ll make sire to add to my feedreader 🙂

    My best…

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