Are You Not Entertained? Do Something About It!

“I’m bored. There’s nothing to do in WoW right now.”

“I wish MoP would get here already.”

Don’t be surprised if you’ve read this before somewhere else in someone else’s words. It’s perfectly natural.

World of Warcraft is nearing eight years old. Over those past years we’ve all had our share of good times and not so pleasant ones. Our lives in the game and outside of it have gone through a number of changes. For most of us, I feel it’s safe to say we are not the same people we were when we logged in to our first level 1 character.

In a game as diverse as WoW, you’ll find people play the game for different reasons. Some love PvP content. Others seek the challenge of cutting edge raid content. You could be an achievement hunter. Collecting rare pets and mounts might be your favorite activity.

Maybe you’re  just someone who thinks the idea of making a Level 1 Blood Elf male run through the streets of Orgrimmar in nothing but a pink tabard with four dozen others of the same mind is just outrageous fun. This actually happened last night by the way. I helped protect them.

A screenshot from AIE’s “Running of the Bronies” on 8/3/2012
credit: Natvilcius of AIE

This game and your enjoyment in it is what you make of it. I can not stress this enough. You can’t always count on others to make the game fun for you. Don’t get me wrong, it helps a lot when other players commit their time to make something fun happen in the game. Just keep in mind that if you have the initiative, you could be the one making the magic happen.

All of this said, I will admit it can be a challenge to do that at this time in the expansion cycle. Friends you enjoy playing with have stopped showing up. Raid attendance is down. Killing Skadi for the 143rd time to see no Blue Proto Drake drop can make a little part of you die inside.

Being bored isn’t fun, and we go down this road at the same point in the expansion cycle every time.

So, what’s the solution? Complain on the forums that Blizzard isn’t working hard enough to give you your $15/month worth of fun? That won’t be very productive or helpful. Trust me, Blizzard knows you want more content, and there’s a mountain of it coming our way in less than 2 months.

While this may be common sense, it doesn’t hurt to suggest the following ideas for what to do in the meantime if you’re not having fun in WoW.

  • Try a new class. To take it a step further, if you’ve only played Horde, try an Alliance character or vice versa.
  • Broaden your horizons. Give the PvP content a shot if you’re tired of killing murlocs. Go after achievements found in raids that have long since passed by if you’re tired of Warsong Gulch.
  • Start farming gold now so you have plenty of it for Mists of Pandaria. In a way this is an early form of progression in the expansion content that’s available to you if you choose. I hear that new Yak mount with the reforger is fairly pricey.
  • Quit WoW for until MoP (or 5.0) goes live.

Yep, I just said that.

“Baby I know we’ve been through some hard times but you and I, we can make this work.”

It’s okay to leave WoW for a while. Really, it is. If you’re bored with the game and the other ideas I mentioned just don’t appeal to you, then move on. Blizzard won’t be hurt. They won’t call you back in the middle of the night trying to win your heart back. Not yet at least. That phone call is coming on September 25.

If you don’t want to look for something different in game to do, I strongly feel that you should cancel your sub to WoW if you’re not enjoying the content or the lack thereof. There’s two reasons for that.

First, as consumers of Blizzard’s content we speak with our wallets. If they see numbers drop, it will motivate them to change to counter that development. Losing 1.1 million subscribers isn’t a drop in the bucket to them, and you can be assured they’ll continue to work hard to change that trend… whether it means new content for WoW or a whole new MMO down the line that will be the new standard that everyone tries to match.

Second, by getting involved in other games you’re allowing other games to grow and flourish. This not only results in other game companies being able to deliver engaging content. It also gives Blizzard and game developers everywhere insight to what people want when gaming.

If you let yourself just do the same old thing and throw your money away without feeling good about it, how will anyone else know you want something different from what you have right now?

Go play other games. Try Guild Wars 2 if you want. Play some Diablo 3 or Skyrim. Hell, there’s even things to do that don’t involve a computer or video game console that can be fun.

I’m not immune to the end of expansion blues either. I stopped seriously raiding in Dragon Soul some time ago. I don’t play as much as I have in months past, but my enjoyment in the game of late has been pretty spectacular. I’m involved with a great guild that’s unbelievably experiencing growth during this time. I’m farming up mats and gold to make items that I end up giving away because I just like being able to help people out.

I’m not saying you should follow my lead. I realized I wasn’t having fun, and I took actions to change that. It’s worked so far. If it wasn’t for this lull in content, then Realm Maintenance or the podcast segments I’m producing may have never come to pass.

Friends and community make the game ten times better than it is, there’s no doubt about it. However, when it comes to having fun it has to begin with you.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss” – Publilius Syrus



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