Welcome, New Raiders, to “The Dojo”

Starting today, the first segment of my second project is now live and part of the Convert To Raid podcast. Segment #1, “Time to Vent,” explains the importance of having voice communication software in organized raid content.

Listener segments for Convert to Raid are featured at the end of the podcast, but please listen to the rest of the show if you haven’t checked them out yet. CtR is one of the best produced WoW casts out there and it’s an honor to have content featured there.

Shortly after recording the first few segments of Achieveatron, I had an itch to do more.  The challenge I had before me was to create a segment that was as unique as possible. If I was going to do a second series, it should try to break new ground.

I tossed an idea to Convert to Raid host and producer Pat Krane, aka Zhug, for what I called at the time “Convert to Normal.” The segment would focus on explaining to players who only raided LFR content what the differences were between the mechanics of a boss in LFR and its Normal mode counterpart. With Mists of Pandaria several weeks away, this felt like the kind of content that could be very helpful to players who just got into raiding recently with LFR and had a desire for more in the next tier.

Zhug fleshed out the idea. If we’re going to educate new raiders, why not really get down to the basics? LFR raiders may not necessarily know all the raiding terminology out there. Loot systems are considerably different from simply rolling Need/Greed. Further, players planning to step their game up may not know about all of the resources out there that raiders and raid leaders make use of regularly.

These were great points. The plan changed to deal with these basics until MoP was released, then spend several weeks on the original idea I had on explaining LFR and Normal mode mechanic changes.

The only problem at this point was the segment lacked soul. I needed a theme, in terms of music and name, to really give this segment life and flavor. As Zhug told me in an email, “Convert to Normal” sounded like a psychology segment.

How about “Shifting Gears?” Nah… sounds like an Engineering bit.

The idea hit me in the face while listening to some new Mists of Pandaria music from a recent beta patch. The word “dojo” screamed out and me and I took the ball and ran with it.

The rest is history, and I’m happy to have two very different segments up and running. Like Achieveatron, archived segments of The Dojo will appear on my audio segment page a week or two after it’s been aired. You’ll want to listen to the podcasts to catch new content when it debuts.

So in the span of a few weeks I’ve gone from podcast fanboy to podcast segment producer for two pieces of work. My blog has evolved, and I’m doing my best to keep track of all the WoW podcasts and segment producers out there. It’s been a fun ride and it’s just getting started.

I wonder what could possibly happen in the next couple of weeks

To Be Continued


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