The Dojo #1: Time to Vent

Welcome to the first segment of The Dojo. If you’re new to raiding or looking for something more than what LFR has to offer, then these lessons are definitely for you.

This first segment was aired on Episode 56 of Convert to Raid. The second segment can be heard on Episode 57 which should be out later today.

Each podcast has its own rules and standards for segments. For Convert to Raid it’s requested that submissions be kept to two minutes or less. It’s been a challenge to stay within that limit, but a challenge I’ve gladly accepted all the same. You’ll see over the course of this series that some lessons will just end up requiring more than one segment to cover everything, and that’s not a bad thing.

“Time to Vent” however is a self-contained lesson. It explains exactly what Vent and Mumble are, where to find them, and why having these applications is beneficial to raiding.

I hope you enjoy the series and as always your feedback is appreciated.

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