Realm Maintenance : Episode #0

Taking another step into the deeper end of the pool, I submit for your approval the Realm Maintenance microcast.

Realm Maintenance is a short bite-sized podcast meant to cover the week in WoW and WoW podcasts, with a little extra time given to the top news story of the week and one podcast featured as my Podcast of the Week.

The goal is to keep the cast between 8 and 12 minutes long, produced on Monday and available on this site early Tuesday morning a bit before realms go down.

This pilot episode was mostly recorded off a rough script. I went freestyle during the “Rolling Restart” news segment as an experiment more than anything else. Definitely room for refinement and improvement there.

I’m a huge fan of the WoW soundtrack and love using sections of the music in my productions. Since this is a stand alone production and not a segment I made sure to credit Blizzard for that audio. A small bit of thanks to Blessing of Frost, whose ending I essentially borrowed and altered to work at the end of the microcast.

If you want to promote your cast for FREE on this show, then email away! As long as I can work everything within a 12 minute show, you’re good.

This microcast isn’t meant to be mine alone. It’s for players and podcasters alike. I still have plenty of podcasts on my directory that I haven’t listened to an episode of, but I’m working on that. I look forward to getting to know podcasters past, present, and future through my time on this adventure.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening. Feedback and comments on the format of the show are very much appreciated.


Episode #0

Rolling Restart
Comments on the Blizzard hack and why a physical authenticator’s not a bad idea as a backup.


Around the World of Warcraft in 80 seconds or less!

Podcast of the Week
Battle Pets with Alludra and Kephas
Twitter: @Alludra_AIE and @TheKephas

Podcast News

Update Complete/Outro

Email the show at

Twitter: @RhoWoW


3 thoughts on “Realm Maintenance : Episode #0

  1. Absolutely fantastic. I really hope you take this idea and run, Rho, because I think you will do a fabulous job. You have such a friendly upbeat way about you that just makes listening enjoyable and engaging. ROCK ON!

  2. Thank you – really looking forward to this after I heard about it on Manacooler.

    I hope someday the economics work out so this will show up in my iTunes. But I have the RSS feed in my Google Reader so I’ll find it pretty quickly.

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