Achieveatron #3: The Slayer of Many Whelps

No WoW YouTube video has been as viewed  as the Leeroy Jenkins video. The Onyxia Wipe Animation video is certainly up there though (Warning: If you’ve never seen this it contains explicit language and is certainly NSFW)

Both of these videos were so popular with Blizzard that achievements based on them were worked in during Wrath of the Lich King. I took some of the cleaner parts from the dialogue and worked them into the third segment of Achieveatron.

You’ll probably notice the very last clip is briefly censored. That’s intentional for here as any content I directly produce on the site will be kept clean, though it’s left uncensored in the Something Suggestive version.

I have no problem with explicit WoW podcasts or segments at all. I mean, hello? Something Suggestive is explicit and that’s not going to change. If you’re going to put content out there, I don’t believe you should feel constrained by what the “average” listener is going to think, and that’s certainly a subjective issue anyhow.

If you want to cast clean, cast clean. If you want to cast dirty, then by all means cast dirty. The internet is huge, and there’s an audience for anything you put out there.

Regardless, Realm Maintenance has no intention of discriminating podcasts based on the explicitness of their content. I may add warnings, but that’s just being responsible and to be honest most podcasts put out those warnings themselves anyhow.

Speech over. Enjoy the clip, and feedback is always welcomed! Check back here tomorrow for an article about raiding and what I would do if I was the dev behind the curtain.

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