Diablo III 1.0.4 : A Step in the Right Direction

It’s official, the Diablo III beta is over! I know, I know… you’ve probably heard that one a million times by now.

While I’m not playing the game anywhere near as much as I was in its first week of release, I’ve found my return to the world of Sanctuary to be a mostly pleasant one.

When I knew the patch was days away, I did something drastic with my one and only Level 60 character.

I didn’t delete her, but I did sell off and give away almost every piece of gear I had on her and in my stash. The only things I kept were gems, crafting materials, and her bow. Everything else? Gone at blowout prices. Items I paid a pretty penny for were listed for 1,000 gold and sold for various amounts of cash.

The release of 1.0.4 to me feels almost like a reboot to the game at the endgame level. My demon hunter Elisa started 1.0.4 all the way back at New Tristram on Hell Difficulty and with nothing at first but the bow on her back slaughtered her way to Act 4. At that point I had to spend a while finding some suitable pieces of gear before moving back to the lovely difficulty of Inferno.

My dps at this point is far down from where it was before my self-imposed reset of sorts, but I have to say I’m having more fun in Inferno Act 1 than I did previously. Some elements have been made a bit more forgiving. I’m using abilities I wouldn’t have bothered to try in the past. I’m not dying anywhere near as much as I used to, although I still have to play smart to keep the repair bills reasonable.

Oh, and no more enrage or heal to full for elites? Thank you Blizzard.

No more Invulnerable Minions? I love you.

Improved Auction House? Thank the High Heavens!

My lore rantings aside, I’ve always felt Diablo 3 isn’t a bad game, and with the release of this patch they’ve taken a large step in the right direction to make it far better. I do admit I’m concerned if this is too little too late for the majority of players that bought the game though. A friend of mine in one of my guilds on WoW is determined not to install or play Diablo III ever again, and I know she’s not alone.

Diablo 3 won’t be going anywhere though. Heck, they’re still supporting Diablo 2 after all these years, so even if the number of players for D3 is much smaller than they originally hoped for, you can expect it will still be there to play years from now.

The next content patch will bring us PvP content, more AH improvements, and perhaps even some more endgame content. In the meantime, I’ll be grinding paragon levels now and again when I need a break from WoW (though with MoP coming out in a few weeks who knows how often that will be).

Since I’ve shifted my blog to follow the WoW podcasting community, I might as well send a shout out to a Diablo 3 podcast called Shattered Soulstone. I’ve listened to them since Episode #1, and the hosts are a fun bunch to listen to. Just don’t believe Nevik if he ever sings high praise of Maghda.

Never Maghda. Never.

2 thoughts on “Diablo III 1.0.4 : A Step in the Right Direction


    I bet Maghda got to you. That has to be it. Buuuut, if that’s what it takes to reignite your passion for the game more power to you. And we’re glad to have you back … on a part-time basis ^^;

    As for your friend that vehemently refuses to play D3 again, she’s missing out. D3 is a solid game from a gameplay standpoint despite some flaws in overall game design/direction. Those issues will be addressed over time as the issues D2 faced were.

    Anyhoo, don’t be a stranger and remember to send us a missive from time to time when you do hop in-game.


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