Realm Maintenance : Episode #2

We’re only at Episode #2, but I’ll say it anyway. Welcome to a special patch day edition of Realm Maintenance!

We’ll go around the World of Warcraft in 80 seconds, put the spotlight on the Podcast of the Week, cover some podcast news, and much much more. You’ll understand soon enough.

The Rolling Restart: 5.0.4 is here, and Blizzard patch notes seem just a bit too boring for this podcast, so I’ve taken The Godmother’s version of the notes from instead.

Want the actual scoop from Blizzard on 5.0.4? Go to


Around the WoW in 80 Seconds: One week of WoW News in 80 seconds.

Thanks to, MMO-Champion, WoW Insider, Wowhead, and ArenaJunkies for their news articles which were touched on in this segment.


Podcast of the Week: Auction House Junkies

Twitter: @ahjunkies



Podcast News: News for Convert to Raid, The Hunting Party, Girls Gone WoW, Hearthcast, Darkmoon Herald, and Stopcast.

Are you part of a podcast and want your news mentioned here? Email

Realm Maintenance is here to promote your podcast and special events as a service to the WoW podcast community.


Listener email: “Where’s PST and The Weekly Marmot?”

Thank you Palladium for your question!


Extended Maintenance?! Yep, we even do that here.

Extended Maintenance Podcast Spotlights: The Mana Cooler, Ctrl Alt WoW, and Darkmoon Herald.

Thanks to all who participated on Twitter for the question asked on Monday!

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