A Podcast and Email Hotfix

Just a quick post to let all of you know that I’ve set up a new email and Twitter account for Realm Maintenance.

The new official email is RealmPodcast@gmail.com and you can follow on Twitter @RealmPodcast

I’ll still be using my RhoWoW@gmail.com email for my Achieveatron and Dojo segments and you can still email me there if you want to.

I’ll also be using my @RhoWoW Twitter regularly going forward in addition to @RealmPodcast. The main difference here is @RealmPodcast will solely do two things:

1) Tweet about realm-maintenance.com and Realm Maintenance Podcast content.

2) RT tweets from other podcasts when new shows go up.

So if you’re involved with a WoW podcast of your own its very important that you make sure I’m following your show. I’ve followed most of the podcasts that I know Twitter info for.

This change is primarily to make it a bit more listener and podcaster friendly to contact me. “RhoWoW” isn’t as easy to spell when sounded out on a podcast while “RealmPodcast” is.

More content is on the way this weekend. Dojo #3 is archived and another Achieveatron will be archived tomorrow. I’ll likely have another blog article up on Saturday, and then of course this coming Tuesday we’ll move ahead with Realm Maintenance #3.

Thank you everyone for supporting the show and sending in your feedback. I’m glad to see people are enjoying the format and content of both the site and the podcast.


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