The Dojo #4 : Raid Terminology (Part 3 of 3)

This is the final part of the three segment primer on raid abbreviations and other terms. Your feedback is always appreciated if you feel anything important was missed on this segment for Convert to Raid.

Some people may wonder about my raiding background. Well, I’m certainly no bleeding edge raider. In general I’ve usually found myself taking on final bosses and Heroic content about 2-3 months after they’ve been downed by the front of the pack. I’ve been a raid leader for a 10 man group in the past, and might consider doing so again if the stars align, though I’m perfectly happy right now with just relearning all things Warlock.

I had a humbling experience this past week when I found myself on the bottom of the meters on Heroic Madness. Mind you, this was my absolute first time on Heroic Madness, but still it’s never a great feeling when you see yourself doing damage below tanks and feel like you’re putting strain on the backs of your fellow raiders that are carrying you.

That said, even a teacher in The Dojo continues to learn lessons from raiding after having participated in it for years. I was too hard on myself this week, and even when it comes to raiding, this is still just a game. Everyone is going to have that bad night or “off” raid where nothing seems to work out right.

Accepting responsibility for poor performance is one thing. Placing the frustration aside, taking a breath, and making an effort to correct what went wrong is another.

You can expect these words in one form or another to be part of a future Dojo lesson.

Dojo #5 will be archived in just a couple of days. Thanks for listening!

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