An Interview with The Sundering (Extended Edition)

This is the full 47 minute long interview with Ceraphus, Rayfyst, and Xia of The Sundering.

While 95% of this interview is clean, there are a select few points where there is some explicit language. Funny enough, two of those instances were from myself. Consider yourself warned.

I have interviews for the next few weeks already set up, and I think you’re gonna like them. Rawrcast will be on next week with the full interview here again on Wednesday.

You may have noticed the top menu now has an Interviews button. By Thursday or Friday that page will be ready to go, and you’ll be able to find my full interviews from previous weeks archived there for ease of access.

Thanks again for your support of the show. If there’s a show you’d love for me to get an interview with feel free to leave me feedback and I’ll do what I can if the interest is there.

Speaking of interviews, I encourage all of you to check out Grand Old Podcast if you haven’t done so already. Sayomara has a ton of great interviews with podcasters past and present there.

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