Realm Maintenance : Episode #10

It’s been a relatively slow news week. Time to take a dunk into the Tauren Think Tank!

The Rolling Restart covers Rho’s thoughts on’s interviews with Method and Paragon. Is Method the better guild, or does DREAM Paragon’s 10-man World First put that claim to rest?

As always the show goes around the World of Warcraft in 80 seconds. Thanks to, MMO-Champion, WoW Insider, and WoWHead for their news articles which were used as research for this segment.

This week’s Podcast of the Week is Tauren Think Tank

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Catch the full interview on starting Wednesday! You’ll hear interesting facts about the show that Rem and Jules have never mentioned before.

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Realm Maintenance

No eggs this week, though I expect we’ll definitely find something next Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Realm Maintenance : Episode #10

  1. Hey Rho I have some comments I want to contribute to the 10 vs 25 man debate.

    I really dislike the 10 man vs 25 man debate. Most of the time people compare the two using different attributes which doesn’t make for a true comparison. For example people often site that 25 mans take more organisation / co-ordination / logistics than a 10 man so are more difficult and 10 mans place more emphasis on the individual so they are more difficult.

    At the end of the day it is functionally the same effort at the individual level requiring the same amount of time, the same repair costs, the same cost of consumables and gear (enchants, gems, reforge). So if they increase the item level of loot in 25 man as an incentive it will just devalue 10 mans and re-create the negative stigma of the “poor mans raid”.

    Why should 10 man raiders be disadvantaged for putting in the same amount of effort?

    I have raided both 10 and 25 man but really prefer 10 mans, so I may be a little biased… But the points I raised are valid points.


    First episode I listened too and I will definitely be adding this to my rotation. You can expect more comments for me 😉


    1. Very valid points and thanks for the feedback!

      The organizational challenges are only really present for the raid leaders/officers and even then you typically have different tasks delegated to ease the burden.

      While I didn’t mention this on the show, I’ve been a proponent of changing the raid sizes to 10 and 20 rather than 10 & 25. It doesn’t look like any changes to raid size are on Blizzard’s radar in the forseeable future though.

      Glad you enjoy the show!

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