It’s Stoppies Time

I’ve mentioned them briefly before, and now that the time is upon us, let’s talk about the Stoppies.

The Stoppies is at its core an awards show for WoW podcasts created and run by the crew of Stopcast.

There’s a large number of categories for these awards. While a good number of them are comical in nature, the first bunch of the awards covers categories such as Best Podcast, Best Guest, Best Production, and so on.

As a fan of WoW podcasts in general I’m a strong supporter of these awards. There’s no prize behind them. No trophies. Just some recognition and e-props to the podcasts out there putting out some great content.

I encourage all of you to send in your nominations over the next two weeks. While many of the categories could be considered explicit or satirical, I’m going to ask you guys to at the very least focus on the first eight categories.

The page with all of the categories can be found HERE (warning: some explicit content)

If you just want to participate in the “Best of” part for nominations, that’s fine too.

Here’s what you do:

Copy this list, put the name of the podcast or person you’re nominating next to it, and email the nominations to

  • Best Podcast
  • Best Ensemble Cast
  • Best Solo Podcaster
  • Best Supporting Podcaster
  • Best Format
  • Best Guest
  • Best Production
  • Best Live Show

Remember, send these nominations to, not to me.

Nominate who you feel deserves it. Of course, I’ll be happy if myself or any of my work is nominated, but I’m not begging for it. I’m still a new kid on the block here folks.

Nominations will be accepted for two weeks, followed by one week of voting. The Stoppies Awards show will be recorded on Dec. 17th.

Please show your support for these awards and the WoW podcasting community by participating, even if it’s just in the eight categories I mentioned here. And hey, if you want to nominate for every category, go for it! Who knows, maybe I’ll win the award for Sexiest Voice….!

… nah.


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