Realm Maintenance : Ep. #15 – Instance 299.5.1

It’s time for the Extended Maintenance so Blizzard doesn’t have to. This show clocks in at almost 2 hours and is dedicated to all hosts and listeners, past and present of The Instance, which hits Episode #300 on Nov. 30th.

The Rolling Restart explains why this show is being done, and why Rho is not ashamed to be a fanboy of The Instance.


The Instance Segment Creator Roundtable

Thanks to Barb, HuntsTheWind, and Kephas for participating in the roundtable segment at the start of the show.

Follow all three on Twitter at @MissMulgra, @HuntsTheWind, and @TheKephas


As always the show goes around the World of Warcraft in 80 seconds. Thanks to, MMO-Champion, WoW Insider, and WoWHead for their news articles which were used as research for this segment.

Thanks to for the invaluable data collected there!

5.1 Patch notes can be found here-


Podcast of the Week : The Instance

Twitter: @instanceshow @williedills @scottjohnson @The_T

Thanks to Dills for being on the show this week!

Special thanks to Matthew Oxley for his amazing music featured on The Instance and used for this episode. Find more of his work at

Thanks also to Sayomara from Grand Old Podcast for contributing some questions for this interview.

Feel free to send your congratulatory messages to the show this week!


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SC2: Heart of the Swarm beta are still being given away. There’s a few left so check out the live chat of a WoW podcast and Rho may drop one there!


Special Community Interview: WoWmartiean

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1 thought on “Realm Maintenance : Ep. #15 – Instance 299.5.1

  1. WOW a really great show Rho. It must have taken a lot of effort to organise, record and edit all those interviews. Well done.

    I first started listening to The Instance around ep #250 ish. I really noticed the high audio quality. After Convert to Raid it was the second podcast that I was listening too. well I suppose that depends if you consider Legendary / The Weekly Marmot / PST podcasts or videos.

    This relates to what you were talking to Joe about, the blurred lines between different media. Even podcasts with live chat rooms are incorporating different media (Text / audio) into something in its own category. Definitely is interesting.



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