Realm Maintenance : Ep. #19 – Ctrl Alt Winter Veil

Happy Holidays from Realm Maintenance! This week the show gives you a feast of holiday wishes from podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers from around the community as Rho interviews Ctrl Alt WoW which celebrates 300 episodes and 6 years of podcasting this week!

The Rolling Restart and Around the WoW in 80 Seconds covers just a taste of what 5.2 will have to offer on the PTR in January.

Official patch 5.2 PTR notes can be found at

Thanks to, MMO-Champion, WoW Insider, and WoWHead for their news articles which were used as research for these segments.


Podcast of the Week: Ctrl Alt WoW

Twitter: @CtrlAltWoW @Aprillian @Ashayo @eljeppy @Tedra64


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Catch Episode #20 of Realm Maintenance on January 1, 2013 for the “Yearly Maintenance” special!

Special thanks to those behind the three dozen different submissions for this week’s holiday special!

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Just because it’s Winter Veil doesn’t mean the show can’t have an easter egg… or is it Winter Veil Egg Nog?
Anyways… if you want a chuckle and want to hear all the voices in Rho’s head, go here:

2 thoughts on “Realm Maintenance : Ep. #19 – Ctrl Alt Winter Veil

  1. rho ur very enjoyable to listen to. I’ve heard u all around podcasting and I appreciate your level head and honest opinions. Ur show for the yearly maintenance was amazing! Loved it! All 4 hours for me. As a person who also listens to many podcasts it was great to hear them all in a mash up…very fun and thank you! I like the biased direction ur podcast has about it. It’s seems like ur working ur butt off but don’t think no one appreciates the content ur putting out there. I for one look forward to it and must listen every week. String from Arathor

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