WoW Developer interviews to be conducted this week

Starting today, developers from Blizzard’s World of Warcraft team will participate in a series of interviews hosted by a variety of podcasts and fansites in the WoW community.

There will be a mix of audio interviews, text interviews, and transcripts.

You can find a round-up of all of the currently posted interviews by visiting the official WoW site here!

The following is a list of developers and sites currently lined up for interviews this week, as confirmed by Community Manager Zarhym. Realm Maintenance will update this post should there be any additions or changes to this information.

Developer Fansite
Ion Hazzikostas GuildOx
Cory Stockton BattleCraft (IT)
Cory Stockton Warcraft Pets
Cory Stockton & Dave Kosak Epic Podcast
Dave Kosak Vanion (DE)
Dave Kosak WoW Insider
Ion Hazzikostas Wowhead
Greg Street The Instance
Greg Street & Brian Holinka Arena Junkies
Greg Street & Ion Hazzikostas Legendary, GameBreaker
Tom Chilton JudgeHype (FR)
Tom Chilton BlizzPlanet
Tom Chilton TwizzCast
Greg Street Totemspot

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