Twizzcast Interview with Ghostcrawler Recap

The folks as Twizzcast had the opportunity to interview Lead Systems Designer Greg Street aka Ghostcrawler and ask him some questions following the launch of Patch 5.2.

The interview in its entirety can be found soon at The following is a paraphrased portion of what was said in the interview.

  • Major systems changes wouldn’t be done unless they thought it was important. The right thing to do in an expansion is 30% new 30% old and 30% old stuff that’s evolved a bit.
  • They don’t want the second character to take as long as the first but it should take some investment of time to level and gear.
  • Trinkets are tested by devs through both actual in-game testing and simulations, along with PTR data to determine the proper numbers.
  • LFR is a real step in gearing for raiding following heroic dungeon content. Their hope is in 5.2 and subsequent tiers that won’t be the issue. Normal mode gear from previous tiers should be enough to go into the next tier at Normal mode.
  • They don’t want to make an ability that guarantees someone a raid spot. Further the more cooldowns added overall, the greater the challenge placed on encounter designers.
  • They are investigating ways to allow people transfer all of their characters from one realm to another as one way to handle the issue of low pop realms.
  • Status of 5.3 – It will be another small patch like 5.1. It may happen “sooner than players are expecting.” 5.4 will be another big patch. They hope the smaller patch with new content will help reinvigorate players.
  • “Enjoy all the dinosaurs.” – Ghostcrawler
  • “All we are is dust in the wind.” – CM Zarhym


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