Season 2, Episode 1 (April Fool’s Joke)

Season 2 of Realm Maintenance starts off with some incredible news that will forever change the MMO landscape, and your host covers the State of the Game.

New season, familiar format, same great content. Let’s do this!

NOTE: Since April Fool’s Day is pretty much over, I’m clearly marking this as a joke episode.

Yes, the silence from 8 minutes to near the end of the show was intentional.

Episode #33 will be up at the usual time. No joke.

2 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 1 (April Fool’s Joke)

  1. Looking forward to world of starcraft and loving the new show. You seem to have so many exclusives that nobody has been able to get their hands on, even Blizzard.

  2. Ha Ha HA, so you kinda got me I was like WHAAAAAT! then the silence. I thought my ipod was broken! but I kept listening just in case and FINALLY you piped in at the very end. Show how much I enjoy your podcast you big jerk lol!

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