Realm Maintenance: Ep. #33 – 500 WoW Things

Yes, Monday’s show was a joke! And now we move on! On this week’s REAL show the 5 WoW Things podcast turns 100, 5.3 datamining continues, and a listener is looking for some PvP action, podcast style.

Rolling Restart- Tri-spec data files are just an experiment. Rho ponders if the experiment goes deeper than Ghostcrawler states.

As always the show takes you Around the World of Warcraft in 80 Seconds. Thanks to, MMO-Champion, WoW Insider, and WoWhead for their news articles which were used as research for these segments.

NOTE: Raid progression is updated at and the standings reported on the show only reflect the time of recording. Congrats to Blood Legion for downing Heroic Lei-Shen following the recording of this show.

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Extra Segment: Voicemail from a listener trying to hunt down PvP podcast content.

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2 thoughts on “Realm Maintenance: Ep. #33 – 500 WoW Things

  1. I think the idea of tri-spec is more interesting now than previously. Mainly because from a developmental standpoint, I think it would be easier to implement with the new simpler and more meaningful talent system.

    I don’t think that gearing up a 3rd spec will be difficult. It is quite common to hear of guilds “sharding” a lot of loot especially when raids become farm status. In addition, there are a number of specs that are able to share gear (healers/caster dps, feral dps/guardian tank etc…). There may be an issue with tier has it already has limited drops. If you end up with 4pc tier on all 3 specs, I’d say you are in a fast progressing guild and/or extremely lucky.

    It terms of maintaining it, the cost is minimal. Gems and reforging are cheap. However I feel there may be a higher cost with the better enchants, specifically the ones requiring multiple Sha crystals, or any crystal type if tri-spec doesn’t make this expansion. If less gear is getting sharded, acquiring crystals could be costly. The Dancing Steel enchant takes 10 for example.

    I think it would be common to see 2 PVE specs and 1 PVP spec rather than 1 spec for each tree.


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