Realm Maintenance: Ep. #51 – But Wait! There’s More!

With the first fifty shows now in the archives, it’s time to dive in to more podcast news and spotlights. This week Rho interviews two hosts from But Wait! There’s Lore.

An alternate version of Stormwind Harbor is the focus of this week’s Rolling Restart.

Thanks to WoWhead, WoW Insider, MMO-Champion, and for their continued coverage of WoW news which was used as research for this week’s show.


Podcast of the Week: But Wait! There’s Lore


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Final Segment: Want to gear a level 90 alt as efficiently as possible. Get some tips in a segment of Epic Diapers, normally heard on Convert to Raid and The Instance.

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2 thoughts on “Realm Maintenance: Ep. #51 – But Wait! There’s More!

  1. Rho the problem is that we’ve been told to sit back and wait for 2 expansions now.

    Hell, Blizz specifically and repeatedly claimed MoP would have some kind of Alliance fist-bump. The idea that Dalaran is somehow that is really ridiculous. Not only do we never even see Dalaran after the 5.1 events, but that entire storyline is utterly dropped after 5.2. Jaina shows up in the raid, but she’s doing it with Varian and the Alliance forces.

    Blizzard, frankly, can say whatever they want about the story, that doesn’t mean what actually happens is what they say. You call it oversensitivity, I see it as people finally being utterly fed up with constantly being shit on and being told, “Your time is coming, you’ll get it eventually.”

    1. I agree with pretty much everything you’re saying here! Like I said on the show, I totally understand why people are upset.

      The point I was trying to communicated, and perhaps failed to really make it clear, was that people were upset over Stormwind Harbor when we’re not even really sure if the Harbor event actually happens or if it’s just say Y’shaarj messing with players heads during the Garrosh encounter.

      Basically if there’s even a chance that something negative is going to impact the Alliance, the reaction to it is going to be much stronger than it would have been say at the beginning of MoP. I’d compared it to being bruised or having an old wound opened up. This stuff is going to create greater response because of everything that’s come before.

      That’s all I mean by the oversensitivity, and I apologize to any Alliance lore loving players who may feel I was ragging on them. Like I said, I get where people are coming from and I pretty much agree. I think change needs to happen, but being realistic here I don’t believe we’ll see anything positive until 6.0.

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