5.4 Dev Interviews Have Begun (updated 8/12)

Community Manager Zarhym tweeted several days ago that the upcoming round of developer interviews would be the biggest one yet, and so far it appears it will be off to a big start as soon as Monday.

The following interviews are confirmed to be taking place this week. Keep in mind this is an early and partial list, and many other fansites and podcasts will likely be added to this list in the coming days.

Monday: Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street will be interviewed by Twizzcast and German fansite Gamona

Tuesday: Cory “Mumper” Stockton will be interviewed by The Instance, wowcrendor, Blizzplanet, and French fansite Mamytwink

Wednesday: Tom Chilton will be interviewed by WoWhead, MMO-Champion, and WoW Insider

In addition, an email interview with Ghostcrawler will be conducted by the noxxic fansite

These are just the first of many interviews that will likely take place over the next couple of weeks. As more dev interviews are confirmed, Realm Maintenance will keep you updated via Twitter, the podcast, and right here at realm-maintenance.com!

UPDATE: You can find the VOD of the Twizzcast interview with Greg Street right here.

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