Who Wants a Realm Maintenance Blizzcon 2013 T-Shirt?


This is what the 2013 Blizzcon Realm Maintenance shirt may look like.
This is what the 2013 Blizzcon Realm Maintenance shirt may look like.

Blizzcon is a pretty special event. For some it could very well be a once in a lifetime kind of thing. This year I plan to show my appreciation and thanks to a number of the people in the WoW community at Blizzcon by giving them a shirt similar to what you see above. The final design may change, and your opinion and feedback on the design is absolutely appreciated.

At this time, the cost of the shirts is coming entirely out of my pocket, which means a very limited number of these shirts will be made. Right now I’m looking at somewhere between 40-50 shirts.

This limited number means that likely not everyone that I’d like to give a shirt to will get one, but I’ll be doing the best I can!

Right now, I can say I know of four people for sure who will be getting a shirt, and those are the four people who have each donated at least $20 towards the World of Podcasts event through this site so far. You too can also join this list if you donate at least $20 toward World of Podcasts by using the PayPal button on realm-maintenance.com between now and the end of the month. Ideally it would help if you’re going to Blizzcon so I can give you the shirt in person, but shipping isn’t out of the question… just keep in mind that shipping costs will also be coming out of my pocket and international shipping can be pricey.

Don’t be surprised if I ask some of you Blizzcon attending podcasters between now and next week what size shirt you wear!

Of course, if you’d like to outright guarantee that you get a Realm Maintenance Blizzcon shirt by buying one that can be arranged too, but right now that only applies if you will be attending Blizzcon (whether you have a ticket or will simply be in the area.) Please contact me via Twitter or email if you’d like to do that and I’ll give you the details on cost. I won’t be asking for more than the cost to make the shirt. This is entirely non-profit and just something fun I’d like to do to commemorate Blizzcon.

Obviously any shirts that are “bought” won’t count against the number of shirts I plan to have made to be given away at Blizzcon.

Blizzcon is close. I’m terribly excited and I can’t wait to see some of you and give you a memory of this special gathering!


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