Realm Maintenance: Ep. #60 – A Podcast’s Tale

Ian from A Paladin’s Tale is interviewed by Rho on this week’s show which contains a little more Hearthstone content than usual, including your chance to win a Hearthstone beta key!

Rho gets the show rolling with his current impressions on the new free-to-play Blizzard game since the recent closed beta wipe.

Thanks to WoWhead, WoW Insider, MMO-Champion, and for their continued coverage of WoW news which was used as research for this week’s show.


Podcast of the Week: A Paladin’s Tale


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This week’s final segment includes the Hearthstone Beta contest info, an email from a listener in a small guild wanting to start a podcast, and a clip from Ghemit of Let’s WoW talking about an upcoming livestream charity event.

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Realm Maintenance

3 thoughts on “Realm Maintenance: Ep. #60 – A Podcast’s Tale

  1. Hey Rho,

    For the last two weeks or so I’ve downloaded Realm Maintenance and it only downloads a 7 or 8 kb file with no sound. Thought I’d let you know in case no one else has reported it. It plays in the browser fine, just won’t download. Thanks! Love the show 🙂

    1. Thanks for the heads up. If you rename the file when you download it then you won’t run into that problem. Not sure why it’s happening but renaming appears to be an effective workaround for now.

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