Blizzcon Bound – Some Thoughts Before the Trip

So Blizzcon is not months, weeks, or days away.

Just hours.

For some, it’s already commenced. Wednesday night my Twitter feed was full of airplanes landing, hugs, drinks, smiles, and excitement. While I regret not leaving a day earlier than I am, even having one night like that sounds like an amazing time.

There’s a lot I want to do at Blizzcon, and it feels like it will be over before I know it. I’m feeling an odd struggle between the podcaster side of me and the side that’s just “Rho” or “Brian” or however people may know me.

Yes, I want to record things for the show. Yes, I want to put up content on a daily basis if I can.

But you know what? I need to accept the possibility that something like this may not happen again for me for a while. Fun takes priority. Friends take priority.

So with all that said, this post was just to let you folks know that while I have a lot of plans for Blizzcon and Realm Maintenance, I’m not going to worry about it if those plans don’t come to fruition. As long as wonderful memories are made… that’s what matters.

Will there be a show on Tuesday? I think that’s a fairly safe bet. It might not have the polish on it you’re used to hearing, but it will be there and I’ll be happy with it.

Thanks for reading, for listening, and for being a part of this experience. This site and the podcast wouldn’t still be here if it weren’t for the interest and appreciation you have shown, and I likely wouldn’t be going on this trip if it weren’t for that either.

Talk to you soon.

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