Realm Maintenance T-Shirt/Hoodie Sale for Charity


Ever since showing the first pictures of the Realm Maintenance t-shirt and hoodie, a number of you listeners have inquired how you would be able to get yours.

When it comes to doing a t-shirt for this show, I felt it was important to make it clear that I’m not doing it for the money. This podcast is a labor of love and a service to the community, not a way to pay my bills!

That’s why the shirts at Blizzcon were for the most part given away rather than sold.

So if I’m going to sell Realm Maintenance shirts and hoodies, I’m not planning on keeping a dime of it.

Here’s how the whole thing works:

  • Thanks to @jakeperrin from Epik Gear, we’ll be taking orders for black Realm Maintenance shirts and hoodies starting now and running through 11:59pm U.S. Eastern time on December 16th.
  • Shirts are $20. Hoodies are $38. Add $2 for 2X or 3X sizes. This price includes FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.
  • The bad news here is that the page is set up for U.S. sales only. International shipping costs are steep. That said, if you don’t live in the U.S. and would like to order, it’s still possible provided you could pay the shipping cost. Email me at if you want to place an international order. The sale page is for U.S. orders only!
  • The profits from this sale will be used to purchase as many Alterac Brew Pup pets as possible from the store. For every Brew Pup being sold, Blizzard is donating $5 to a national children’s charity. I will donate any remainder of profits after the purchase of these items directly to this national children’s charity. I won’t be keeping a dime!
  • The cost to print these shirts and hoodies goes down if more of them are ordered! (Example: If we print 48 t-shirts the production cost per shirt goes down by about $3 a shirt) So the more items that are ordered, the more charity pets/mounts I’ll be able to purchase.
  • Pets and mounts purchased will be given away by Realm Maintenance via the podcast, Twitter feed, and possibly as donations to other podcasts for giveaways.

That’s the whole deal. You can go to the sale by clicking on the picture on the top right of any page of the site or by going directly to

Thanks again to Epik Gear for working with me on this sale, and I hope plenty of you take advantadge of the sale not just to support the show, but to support an awesome charity!

 NOTE: Due to specific regulations and terms I’m unable to name the national children’s charity directly, though if you’re familiar with the Blizzard charity pet sale you’ll know which charity these proceeds are benefitting. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to take them by email or Twitter.

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