Realm Maintenance: Ep. #88 – Podcasters are Very Flexible


What are Scott Johnson, Jules from Tauren Think Tank, and even Community Manager Zarhym talking to Rho about? It’s perhaps one of the biggest pieces of Blizzard AND Podcast news you will hear all year! Plus an extended interview with the hosts of Flex Mode!


Podcast of the Week- Flex Mode

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Podcast News:

This show is dedicated to Number Three.

Special thanks to Scott Johnson, Jules Scott, and WoW Community Manager Zarhym!

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Realm Maintenance

1 thought on “Realm Maintenance: Ep. #88 – Podcasters are Very Flexible

  1. Mr Rho WoW,

    We here at the NAACP (National Association of All Cloned Personage) are outraged at the abuse suffered by Clone #3 during the taping of your latest program. Clones are people too and should be treated as equals, otherwise you have no right to make them. Furthermore, the subsequent actions resulting in the death of clone 3 at the hands of John is appalling.

    Everyone knows that you should not allow a clone to play with bags without supervision. A clone will always find him or herself with their head in said bag. Once the clone’s head is covered, they are unable to comprehend how to remove the bag suffering suffocation in mere minutes. Suitable charges will be pending for John and you will be investigated for potential clone abuse charges.

    Investigator for NAACP

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