Realm Maintenance: Ep. #89 – Lorewalkers Don’t Blame Celestalon


Take two weeks off from the usual format, and five new Blizzard game podcasts show up waiting to be introduced on this week’s show!

Talk of the Alpha is sure to dominate most WoW podcasts for a while, and Rho gives his brief thoughts on the Rolling Restart.


Podcast of the Week- Lorewalker’s Roundtable

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Podcast News: Convert to Raid, Final Boss, Cloak and Quiver(NEW), Last Stand Radio, Tauren Think Tank, 30 Minute Cooldown, Westmarch Workshop(NEW), Flex Mode, The Nexy Show, Group Quest, Eye of the Storm(NEW), Into the Nexus(NEW), Battle Pets, Azeroth in 5, Cross-Realm Podcast, Hearth Attack(NEW), PvP-Live, Rawrcast, Run Back Raiding, Girls Gone WoW

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