Episode 109: Stop in the Name of Lore


September is kicked off with the return of Stopcast to the show and plenty of news for WoW, Diablo, and other Blizzard franchise podcasts.


Podcast of the Week- Stopcast

Site: http://stopcast.net
Livestream: twitch.tv/stopcastpodcast on Mondays at 11pm Eastern time
Twitter: @StopcastPodcast


Podcast News: Westmarch Workshop, The Diablo Show, Azeroth Roundtable, Stormchasers of Azeroth, The Training Dummies, 30 Minute Cooldown, Alternative Chat, Azeroth in 5, My Epic Heals, Behind the Avatar, Twisted Nether Blogcast, Clairvoyance(NEW), Monk Meditation, Warcraft Trolls, Darkmoon Herald

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