Audioblog : 5 Days Later

I recorded this after midnight following my last episode on All Things Azeroth. This audioblog talks about the past few days, thoughts on bullying, leaving ATA, and looking forward.

Follow-up (9/26) – Having done some more research on my situation, I’ll be pursuing getting the original case in California expunged next year. As I said in the audioblog, that doesn’t remove the duty to register. What I’ve learned is that in Ohio I can petition with the Common Pleas Court to have the duration of my registration requirement reduced from lifetime to instead ending in 2021, and there’s no method of outright eliminating the duty to register prior to 2021.

As of today I have paid for an expert expungement attorney in California to evaluate my case. It’s the first real step of the process, and I’m looking ahead to making forward progress in my situation.

So, while I will be working on the California end of my legal matters next year, the second and equally important part of the process is something which isn’t even worth working on until close to 2021.

6 thoughts on “Audioblog : 5 Days Later

  1. After listening to this I’m more convinced than ever that you were dealt a horribly raw deal. And while I respect your request to hold off on personal attacks on others who did not come out in support of you, I can tell you that I have removed all the podcasts who requested to be removed from your page from my Stitcher feed, and will not be listening to them again. In particular there was one host who I felt took the repulsive approach of asking to be removed in public over Twitter when they could have just as easily sent you a private email instead of adding to the pain and anxiety you were feeling on what had to have been one of the worst days of your life, and I personally cannot stomach listening to it anymore.

  2. Just finished listening, Brian! You’re right about one thing. We all don’t have to agree and it stinks that some people need to take sides. That said, Meradyn’s comment made me search twitter to find out what podcast unprofessionally tweeted to remove their info from your site. The way they did it can be described in two words: The first word is “bull”…I think you can figure out the second word. >_>

    I hope things get better for you, Brian! Take care!

  3. Rho,

    I’m going to miss you on ATA, really enjoyed the insight you brought to the show. In my opinion you are one of the podcast greats. I’ve already had to see two podcast hosts I enjoy leave their perspective shows in the last month, and now you. Anyway, I hope everything works out for you, I know it’s selfish of me, but my biggest disappointment in this whole thing is that I will undoubtedly hear less of you at least in the near future.

  4. You were the only reason I listened to ATA. well I have un-subbed to ATA as of this moment. When Shade Left the show, you were the only reason I stayed!

    I will still be listening to your podcast though.

    All the best Ian

  5. Regardless what some people and podcasts say out of fear, i stand with you.They say Judgement is the realm of God. Men suppose to forgive

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