Extended Maintenance : Episode 1

This first episode is being posted on the feed for Realm Maintenance, but this show will have its own feed and location on iTunes and Stitcher shortly.

Episode 1 : “Pay Your Way, Play Your Way”

Extended Maintenance is a semi-occasional World of Warcraft podcast covering issues too big for co-hosts Alt & Rho to cover on their other ventures.

Our first episode revolves around the recent 2015 preview post which indicated that we may see the introduction of game time tokens which can be bought by players with real world currency and traded to other players in-game for gold.

We welcome any and all feedback, comments, and suggestions. Email the show at ExtendedCast@gmail.com.

For show updates, follow us on Twitter @ExtendedCast.

2 thoughts on “Extended Maintenance : Episode 1

  1. What I know of the Wildstar system (PLEXX) You buy the item from the online store which is slightly higher than a normal monthly subscription and then you can sell it for what ever platinum amount you want to sell it for. You could give every item an individual ID like a primary key in a database so you could not have 2 versions of that item on the server which could stop duplicating. I am probably making no sense here but the game time token would have a game ID of 111111 and an unique ID of A1 so you could not have two copies of item 111111-A1 on the server.

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