Extended Maintenance : Episode 8

“More Information Will Be Added…”

It’s the night before Alt & Rho record a new episode covering their predictions for Patch 6.2…

Then the PTR notes happened. Were their predictions sure to go wrong?

Listen to your co-hosts as they salvage a week’s worth of preparation in the wake of the 6.2 PTR becoming available for testing. At least five movies are mentioned in some shape or form. Bonus points if you catch them all!

You can find the current 6.2 PTR notes here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/18539917/62-ptr-patch-notes-4-13-2015

Extended Maintenance is a semi-occasional World of Warcraft podcast covering issues too big for co-hosts Alt & Rho to cover on their other shorter podcast ventures.

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