Where to find Rho @Blizzcon

Blizzcon is going to be a blast, and I can’t wait to meet some of you there for the first, second, or third time!

I’ll update this post as we get closer to the big event, but right now if you’re specifically trying to find me here are your best chances.

Thursday 11/5


I’ll be in the Convention Center area, likely around the Hilton. This is a good time to try and contact me on Twitter if you want to meet somewhere and chat and such. Don’t have everything nailed down yet for this part of my day.

Con Before the Storm

6-6:40pm – I’ll be one of three panelists at the Forum room for Podcasting Q&A.

8-9:00pm – Likely at The Instance recording during World of Podcasts

9:30-10:00pm – In the Taproom to chat, sign stuff, and give away swag including Realm Maintenance t-shirts, key-chains, pendants, pins, and magnets.

Wowhead Party

Planning on being there between 7-8pm and/or 10-11pm. This depends on a few factors, including whether I can get into the party to begin with!

Hilton Lobby

11pm-1am – Hanging out in the lobby of the Hilton

Friday 11/6


I’ll be at Blizzcon for most of the day. The best time to try and find me at Blizzcon on this day is likely between 2:15-3:15 pm at the Darkmoon Faire, where I’ll be checking out what’s going on there and mingling with whomever’s around.

Well Played Party

7 – at least 9pm : I’ll be at the Well Played Party. This will be another opportunity for you to get your hands on some Realm Maintenance gear. 🙂

11pm-1am : Either hanging out at the Hilton or grabbing a late meal somewhere with folks 🙂

Saturday 11/7


Between 10am-3:30pm  I’ll be watching eSports and maybe hanging around the Darkmoon Faire some.

Late Afternoon/Evening : This isn’t set in stone, but I’ll probably be at the Anaheim Hilton to watch a recording of a podcast or two. There is also A CHANCE I may be recording an episode of Realm Maintenance from the Hilton. I have an idea for it but nothing is confirmed yet. Watch my Twitter for more info.

9:30pm – ??? Likely at the Hilton hanging out.

If you’re going to Blizzcon and want to meet up, hang out, whatever feel free to contact me via Twitter @RhoWoW. The above schedule isn’t set in stone and is very much subject to change. I’ll do my best to say hi to as many of you as possible. Thanks!


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