Extended Maintenance : Episode 18

“It’s Not You, It’s Us”

It’s the pre-Blizzcon episode you likely weren’t expecting. Take a look at the state of the community through the eyes of Alt & Rho as they discuss issues such as expectations, trolling, tactful conversation on the internet, Blizzcon, and just a dash of eSports. This episode does contain a few moments of mature language, because sometimes the moment just calls for it.

Extended Maintenance is a semi-occasional World of Warcraft podcast covering issues too big for co-hosts Alt and Rho to cover on their other podcast ventures.

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1 thought on “Extended Maintenance : Episode 18

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode! I end up listening to quite a few podcasts each week, and to listen to each one of them ask the same questions of each other, ei: “What are you hoping to learn at Blizzcon about WoW” gets a little redundant. And for the record, I totally would follow the Ironman Challenge esport!

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