Episode #0.2 – Just Call Her Ging

Welcome to the Rolling Restart, a biweekly World of Warcraft podcast hosted by Rho with a rotation of regular co-hosts. To introduce you to all four co-hosts (and to get some content on this feed to kickoff the show) “Episode 0” comes in four parts, each part the expected length of a normal episode.

In this episode, Rho and Ging (formerly of Epic Podcast and Saturday Morning WoW) talk about Horde vs. Alliance, and what motivates us to join a particular faction.

Check out the home for the Rolling Restart at rollingrestart.frozenfoxmedia.com. Pardon our dust while we’re still setting things up!

Questions, comments or submissions can be sent to rollingrestartpodcast@gmail.com.

This podcast will have its own separate feed in the near future. Expect to find it soon on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and Tunein Radio.

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