Episode #0.3 – Raiders of the Lost Fun

Welcome to the Rolling Restart, a biweekly World of Warcraft podcast hosted by Rho with a rotation of regular co-hosts. To introduce you to all four co-hosts (and to get some content on this feed to kickoff the show) “Episode 0” comes in four parts, each part the expected length of a normal episode.

In this episode, Rho and Jon Jagger (from Azeroth Roundtable and CORE) talk about the evolution of raiding, including difficulty and fun factor.

Check out the home for the Rolling Restart at rollingrestart.frozenfoxmedia.com. Pardon our dust while we’re still setting things up!

Questions, comments or submissions can be sent to rollingrestartpodcast@gmail.com.

This podcast will have its own separate feed in the near future. Expect to find it soon on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, and Tunein Radio.

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