#15 – Mom Legend

Brian & Kevin give their thoughts on last week’s “In the Works” blog post from the Hearthstone team, along with advice for the Six Shooter Tavern Brawl and much more!

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Deck Strings for decks mentioned on today’s show-
Brian’s “Dragonzord” Priest: AAECAZ/HAgbJwgK+yALY4wLL+AL1/gKggAMM5QTyDMPBAtHBAs7MAqniAr/lAuPpArT2AoL3Aob7AqH+AgA=
Kevin’s Tempo Mage: AAECAf0EBHGi0wLu9gLvgAMNuwKVA6sEtATmBJYF7AXBwQKYxAKP0wL77AKV/wK5/wIA

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