#17 – Loa Your Expectations

Kevin & Brian talk about Dual Class Arena experiences, the Headless Horseman Tavern Brawl, and plenty of Blizzcon 2018 Hearthstone speculation! Will their predictions come true? I wouldn’t count on it, but it’s a fun listen!

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Deck Strings for decks mentioned on today’s show-
Brian’s Taunt Lich Jaina Mage: AAECAc2xAgTCzgKb0wLM9AKggAMNvAiZwgKbwgLCwwLKwwKW0wLH0wKW6ALO7wKl9QKQ9gLi+ALeggMA
Kevin’s Even Shaman: AAECAaoICiCZApHBAvPCAsLOAsvsAvbsAqfuAs30AoqAAwq9AdMB/gXZB/AHrMICm8sClugClO8CsPACAA==

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