A Special Rolling Restart

Realm Maintenance is on a brief hiatus while Rho is on vacation, and the next episode will be up on May 14th.

Meanwhile, we invite you to check out this recent episode of our sister podcast, the Rolling Restart, featuring Rho, Scott Johnson from The Instance, and WoW YouTubers Taliesin & Evitel!

You can find Scott on Twitter @scottjohnson!
Find all of his podcasts at frogpants.com!

For more of Taliesin & Evitel, follow them @TaliesinEvitel and check out their YouTube channel!

Check out the home for the Rolling Restart at rollingrestart.frozenfoxmedia.com.

Follow us on Twitter @RestartCast!

Questions, comments or submissions can be sent to rollingrestartpodcast@gmail.com.

You can help support this show and the Realm Maintenance podcast at patreon.com/realmpodcast

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