#44 – The Battle Continues, feat. Mike Donais & Conor Kou!

This week the show had the awesome opportunity to have Hearthstone game designers Mike Donais and Conor Kou answer a variety of Battlegrounds questions from Brian and Kevin. Will there be five minion tribes when a new one comes in, or will one roll out? How does the team feel about inviting more than just 1 friend to Battlegrounds games? Learn the answers to this and much more on a very special episode!

Don’t worry, we’ll cover the Tavern Brawl too!

Sir Salty’s Battlegrounds Guide: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1UJXYqRVbxeBBtKOcmDF8bjuX4wVCyF9-wyJlxv9PO6U/preview?slide=id.g7566f1ebec_0_1

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