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#75 – Sound & Unshackled Fury

Navox and Berzerker from the Unshackled Fury podcast return to the show to talk with Rho about The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown of the Shadowlands expansion, along with a few forum posts for good measure! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

#43 – Battlegrounds & Dragons

Brian & Kevin have had a week to digest over thirty cards from Descent of Dragons. They also played a number of Battlegrounds in the Close Beta along the way! Find out their thoughts and feelings on all of the announcements that came out of Blizzcon 2019 for Hearthstone. Kevin’s Sathrovarr Quest Druid Deck Code: … Continue reading »

Episode 297 : After the Storm – Blizzcon 2019

Rho is joined by several podcasters and friends of the show to reflect on everything that came out of Blizzcon 2019. Special thanks to all of our guests: Medicakes, Wickedkitten, Ben Bumhoffer, Spazz Wesson, Sparty Smallwood, Beau Schwartz, Tetsemi, and Thyst for sharing their thoughts and experiences! ————- Are you part of a show that … Continue reading »

Storm Watch : Blizzcon Day 1 Recap

Brian Black & Hearthcasual co-host Kevin Ellis discuss the reveals and big news to come out from Day 1 of Blizzcon 2019. What surprised them the most? The answer may just in fact surprise you! Watch this feed on Monday for more bonus content! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

By the Numbers : The 2019 Blizzcon Challenge!

We are mere hours from Blizzcon, and over 115 of you participated in the Realm Maintenance Blizzcon Challenge. On this final bit of bonus content before Blizzcon, Rho is joined by Thorn from the Lagging Balls podcast to go over all of the questions and see how most of you voted. Check back here late … Continue reading »

Blizzcon Bonus Content : Pod Before the Con 2019

The journey to Blizzcon 2019 continues with last weekend’s Pod Before the Con, featuring several amazing World of Warcraft podcasters! Special thanks to d20 Creative Alliance and Con Before the Storm for use of their audio. Come back here tomorrow for Rho’s look at the numbers behind this year’s Realm Maintenance Blizzcon Challenge! Play … Continue reading »

Blizzcon Bonus Content : Rolling Restart #74

Keep your eyes on this podcast feed throughout the week for bonus podcasting content in celebration of Blizzcon 2019! Today we bring you Episode #74 of the Rolling Restart podcast. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

#74 – Frozen Fox 2019 Pre-Blizzcon Roundtable!

Join Rho, Belle, Thyst, Frostee from The Worgen’s Howl, and Scruffy from Loot Optional as we hold our 2nd Frozen Fox Media pre-Blizzcon roundtable show! Predicitions, hopes, dreams, and more! Follow Belle on Twitter @belleofpwncast! Follow Thyst on Twitter @Thyst03! Follow Scruffy on Twitter @TheScruffyDruid! Follow Frostee on Twitter @FrosteeFox! Check out the home for … Continue reading »

Episode 296 : 10 Days & Counting

Our final show before Blizzcon features a chat with the host of the Omnic Weekly podcast, some RNG with Pat Krane from Convert to Raid, Rho’s Blizzcon predictions, and more! You have until October 29th to enter the Realm Maintenance Blizzcon Challenge. Go to to participate! Follow Omnic Weekly on Twitter at @OmnicWeekly! Follow … Continue reading »