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#23 – Battle for PvP

Belle joins Rho post-Blizzcon to discuss Battle for Azeroth and the ramifications the next expansion has for PvP. Note: This episode is not at the typical sound quality we strive for on this show due to unforseen technical issues in post-production. Efforts will be made to correct this going forward. Check out the home for … Continue reading »

Episode 247 : Blizzcon – The Hype Awakens

This show includes a special Blizzcon interview with Hearthstone Game Designer Mike Donais and Concept Artist Jomaro Kindred which focuses on the recently announced Kobolds & Catacombs set. You’ll also hear Rho’s personal take on Blizzcon from Day 0 to the day after. If you enjoy World of Warcraft, listen to Rho on the Rolling … Continue reading »

Episode 246 : The Calm Before the Blizzcouch

Blizzcon is days, even hours away! Share in the hype building as Rho interviews Virtual Ticket host Michele Morrow, WoW YouTubers Taliesin & Evitel, Battlenet News Host Pat Krane, and Cosplayer Kaz on the Road to Blizzcon 2017! Realm Maintenance returns in just one week with this year’s Blizzcon recap episode, featuring community interviews and … Continue reading »

#22 – Simply the Best

Three co-hosts join Rho in a special pre-Blizzcon episode that takes a look at the best parts of Legion before briefly looking ahead to what’s to come at Blizzcon for World of Warcraft. NOTE: Rolling Restart’s next episode is scheduled for November 11th, but we may squeeze in a show on the 4th recorded live … Continue reading »

Episode 245 : Virtually Blizzcon Time

This week it’s a short show with the usual helpings of podcast news and information, including how you may be able to get your hands on a Blizzcon Virtual ticket on this show or several others thanks to Blizzard Entertainment! Realm Maintenance returns in just one week with a special pre-Blizzcon episode. Don’t miss it! … Continue reading »

Blizzcon 2017 Virtual Ticket Giveaway!

Realm Maintenance has a pair of Blizzcon Virtual ticket codes to give away to some lucky listeners! To enter, just listen to Tuesday’s episode of Realm Maintenance for the codeword. You’ll have until Saturday, October 28th to either tweet the codeword as a hashtag to @RealmPodcast on Twitter, or you can email with the … Continue reading »

Blizzcon Interview with Patrick Magruder

A special interview with World of Warcraft Lead Software Engineer Patrick Magruder. Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment and the WoW team for making this happen. Keep watching this feed later in the week for a full Bizzcon recap episode of the show! ————- Are you part of a show that covers WoW or another Blizzard franchise … Continue reading »

My Blizzcon 2016 Predictions

For the past month, I’ve invited listeners of the show to participate in a little contest to see who can best predict a number of topics in regards to Blizzcon 2016. I gave some predictions on Episode 214 this week, but I figured I’d take a few minutes to call my own shots here and … Continue reading »

Realm Maintenance: Ep. #65 – Blizzcon and Back Again

Rho takes a week off from the usual format to bring you interviews with a number of people he encountered at Blizzcon last weekend. Interviews: Meagan and Ward from Warcraft Trolls, Xantar from Holy Shatt, Elvine from, Ben from Azeroth Roundtable, Lignar and Medicakes from Epic Podcast, Koltrane from Convert to Raid, KevinOldScratch from … Continue reading »