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Episode 254 : Keep On Trollin’

The HGC Western Clash has just concluded, and it’s a perfect time to discuss Heroes of the Storm esports with Liqiud and Bahgz from the Trollin’ HGC podcast. Follow Trollin’ HGC on Twitter @TrollinHGC If you enjoy World of Warcraft, listen to Rho on the Rolling Restart podcast! If you enjoy Hearthstone, check out the … Continue reading »

Episode 232 : Ganked 2.0

Fringe from the Gankbush Squadcast joins Rho to talk all about Heroes of the Storm 2.0! Follow @GankBushSquad on Twitter for show updates and more. Podcast News: Blizzcon Countdown, Epic Fail, The Game Case, Your WoW Money, The Meeting Stone, The Training Dummies, Town Hall Heroes, Walk to Work, Hearthcoach, Lagging Balls, World of Warcast, … Continue reading »