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Episode 252.5 : That’s Just a Theory…

Due to a perfect storm of real life happenings, there won’t be a full episode out this week but you’ll still get a full interview with Rho and the hosts of Theorywatch, an Overwatch podcast! Follow Theorywatch on Twitter @theory_watch If you enjoy World of Warcraft, listen to Rho on the Rolling Restart podcast! ————- … Continue reading »

Episode 250 : A League of Their “OW”n

Episode 250 includes interviews with the Overwatch League Daily Show & Overwatch League Network as well as details on our “Where’s Winter Veil?” giveaway. Make sure to follow @RealmPodcast on Twitter from Dec. 20th – 26th for your chance to win a piece of over $300 worth of WoW in-game items! Follow the Overwatch League … Continue reading »

Episode 243 : Points of View

ChanmanV, host of both The Overview and Overwatchers, joins Rho to talk about the different approaches of each show and the current state of the game. The final segment of the show has a name, and if you stay for the very end… well, you’ve been warned. Follow ChanmanV on Twitter @ChanmanV. If you enjoy … Continue reading »

Episode 239 : Patrons Never Die

Rho answers a listener email regarding Patreon and community before interviewing the co-hosts of Heroes Never Die, an Overwatch podcast. You can find Heroes Never Die at Podcast News: The Payload, The Overview, Overplayed, Tauren Think Tank, Tauren and the Goblin, World of Warcast, The Blue Recluse, Lagging Balls, The Training Dummies, The Game … Continue reading »

Episode 236 : JunkertownNSFW

This episode contains explicit language, and Rho comments about that before interviewing the hosts of JunkertownFM, an Australian based Overwatch podcast. Follow @JunkertownFM on Twitter for show updates and more from the JunkertownFM podcast. Podcast News: Blue Reclouse, Darkmoon Herald, Arcane Analysis, Behind the Avatar Lorecraft, Lorewatch, Azeroth Roundtable, Reins of Azeroth, Happy Hearthstone, Top … Continue reading »

Episode 228: Community Watch

Jarret and Mikey from Watchpoint Radio join Rho to discuss their show and the state of Overwatch Find Watchpoint Radio at Podcast News: Blizzard Umbrella, The Weekly Blizz, Girlstreamers, Final Boss, Flagged!(NEW), Behind the Avatar, Battletagged, The Sundering, Azeroth Roundtable, The Game Case, Twisted Nether Blogcast, Wow! Talk!, The Training Dummies, The Angry Chicken, … Continue reading »

Episode 213: On Guard

Halloween Terror and other Overwatch topics are discussed between Rho and the hosts of The Guardians podcast. Find The Guardians podcast at Podcast News: Wowhead Weekly, Goblin Gold Cast, Hearthcore, Battle Rez Bears, CORE, Town Hall Heroes, Technically PvP, Omnic Lab, Azeroth Roundtable ————- You have until the end of the month to enter … Continue reading »

How You Can Listen to World of Podcasts 2016!

If you’re unable to attend World of Podcasts 2016 in person at Anaheim this year, don’t worry! Con Before the Storm has teamed up with Alpha Geek Radio to bring livestream audio coverage of the event starting at 5:30pm US Pacific time. Follow @alphageekradio on Twitter when the show goes live so you can easily … Continue reading »